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Girl by the Lake


Addictions are a product of debris in the mind and body. This debris is rooted in your past via childhood messages about who you are. Traumas and family of origin dynamics play the primary roles in these messages. A voice in your head developed over time and has been telling you a story based on these early experiences and messaging. That story is shameful, regretful, fearful and has lead you to behave in compulsive ways to cope with all that pain.

But the suffering is a story.

It's not you.

Therefore, your addiction is also a manifestation of the story you are telling yourself. Your addiction is not you. Your mind and body have become systematically and biologically habituated to play out that story. It’s time for that story to change and that change is in your control. You just need the tools and information to do it.


Because of the worst that you’ve been through, you have the ability to experience your best. You actually can’t have one without the other. In this way, all the traumas, pain, and elements of your addiction have the potential to show you who you really want to be because you have seen who you don’t want to be. Let’s get you sober (or continuing on that path) and then we’ll dismantle the story within and teach you structure for realizing safety, peace, and resilience. Those elements will become the basis for your new story moving forward. It’s possible and you deserve it. Enough suffering has been felt and created for you and others. It’s time to thrive.


As your coach, I will teach you how to interact with and how to interpret your mind in a new and functional way. You will understand the impulses that drive your addictive behavior and the path to create new routines that drive achievement versus procrastination, compulsion, and pain.

You will be given information to understand your emotions and what they’re trying to get you to do or not to.

You will learn tools to live your life away from your addiction

and to address the damage that has been caused in your relationships.


You will discover what it means to live a BETR you.

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