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Over the years, I've returned to the team at to continue the process of strengthening my knowledge base of optimistically-focused mental health practices in order to continue to provide resources for my clients. Many of the skills and information gathered from their resources have been woven into my book, Be Your Advocate.


Positive Psychology Toolkit

This toolkit contains hundreds of exercises from a multitude of positive psychology categories with themes such as gratitude, happiness, and relationships. In addition to this wide array of exercises, there are assessments, meditations, and a variety of other strategies to learn from and implement. Whether for personal use, professional use, or both, these materials can help shape your perspective.

The Science of Self-Acceptance Masterclass

This comprehensive program provides an enormous amount of information to assist with the development of understanding the concept and application of self-acceptance. These science-based materials can be used to enhance you personally, in your clinical practice, or with your employees.

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